Fan Crashes Taylor Swift's And Calvin Harris' Dinner Date

Three's company.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris announced last spring that they are dating. Even with Harris' and Swift's busy music careers, these two lovebirds still find time to go out and be a real couple.

On Tuesday night, Swift and Harris had a dinner date at Giorgio Baldi Ristorante. This is a fancy Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif.

Swift wore a backless black mini dress and Harris had on a casual suit. However, it wasn't what they were wearing that made this a memorable night, but rather it's the third member of their party that everyone is talking about.

Swift and Harris were sitting at their table and reading the dinner menu when a young fan named Ricky Selby sat down at their table. Selby browsed through the menu while a friend captured a photo of him sitting next to the celebrity couple.

Selby then posted it on Instagram with the caption of "Awesome dinner with mom and dad." He also included the fork and knife emojis. The photo went viral.


Here is the viral photo.

Swift didn't seem to mind their new dinner guest joining them. She was very kind and she smiled. Selby even commented on the viral photo about Swift, writing "she is sooo nice."

Selby, a resident of nearby Pacific Palisades, probably just had the most memorable dinner of his life.

While Swift and Harris' love story could easily be told through their unforgettable Instagram photos, this unexpected picture might be the most interesting one.

(H/T: People)

Cover image via Shutterstock


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