This Swedish 22-Year-Old Is Changing What We Think Of Models One Sassy Insta At A Time

Sass on sass on sass.

Fashion models are known for their gorgeous looks and Tilda Lindstam is no exception.


Tilda, the 22-year-old beauty from Sweden who currently lives in New York, is ranked as one of the top 50 models in the world. She's done campaigns for such giants as Calvin Klein, 3.1. Philip Lim, and others.

But Tilda is more than just a pretty face.

In fact, she's the queen of sass. 

Or so her hilarious Instagram, which has more than 264,000 followers, suggests. Just wait for it. 

"I've been called out a couple of times for [my Instagram] not being professional enough, I guess now people are learning to accept it," Tilda told Vogue. "I don't take anything I post too seriously and I hope no one else does either."

Scroll down to see for yourself.

"Thank you Dior for having me walk naked in the show yesterday and thank you to these three unimpressed cameramen for keeping me down to earth," Tilda writes on Instagram.

"I guess you could call us airplane ear buds."

"Me being humble enough to stop and take a photo with two fans."

"A stranger safety pinning my butt at work rn."

"Everybody hertz, sometimes."

Career highlight?

"Probably when I fell at my first Valentino show. On my face."

"When you're on a tinder date in the park and the papz won't leave you alone @benstiller."

"Tilda's Secret, sporting four pairs of fake boobs at all times."

"Bby you're a ship, I'm the iceberg hitting on you."

"I am a great role model for children. Inbox me if you have any that needs to be babysat."

"Copy my shit, expect to get hit."

On my way to steal your girl.

"My dressing are at the Dior show."

"When you go back to the coffee shop to ask if you left your sunglasses, and you are told that they are on top of your head and you realize you are turning into your mom."

"2014 has been a great year #responsible #youngadult."

"Why I should not be allowed to participate in interviews, ever."

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