Swear Like A Mother 'Flipper'? This Ad Is For You.

"Moms make mistakes. Even the best moms."

Everyone has moments where they're so frustrated, they can't help but throw out some swear words, even — or perhaps especially — moms. To remind all those moms who curse in front of their kids that they're not alone, Kraft Mac & Cheese has released a silly video titled, "Swear Like a Mother." 

In the video, Melissa Mohr, author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, suggests some kid-friendly alternatives to the swear words you're tempted to use. 

"A recent by Kraft Mac & Cheese revealed that 74% of moms say they've sworn in front of their kids. If you're one of the 26% who say you've never sworn in front of your kids, you're full of shit," she says. 

Instead of dropping F-bombs, Mohr suggests saying "What the frog?!" "You're acting like flipping goof nuggets," and "Get off your monkey flunking tablet and get your shiitake mushrooms ready for soccer practice." 

"Moms make mistakes," Rachel Drof, marketing director for Kraft Mac & Cheese, said in a press release about the campaign. "Even the best moms. We wanted to cut moms some slack."

Check out the video below. 



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