Why The Oldest Woman In The World Eats Bacon With Breakfast Every Morning

Who needs a diet?

On July 6th, Susannah Mushatt Jones turned 116 years old. And you can bet that for her birthday breakfast she had some bacon. 

Jones was named oldest woman by Guinness World Records in July, and she has since made waves for her unusual proclivity to bacon. On her fridge is a note that says "bacon makes everything better." 

Born just outside Montgomery County Alabama in 1899, Jones credits her long life to lots of sleep and the fact she never drank or smoked. One of 11 kids, her children and family have often times said that it's her generosity and love of people that keep her alive. Today, after moving to New Jersey in 1923, Jones has landed in New York City.


Check out the video below to get to know her a bit more:


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