5 Surprising Things That Will Make Or Break Your Next Office Party

Having the best office party ever.

An office party is all about having fun, but it doesn't hurt to have a game plan. Office reputations are made or broken during these celebrations, and that's why you need to follow some basic rules so that you can still have fun without putting your job in jeopardy.

Here are 5 ways to survive your office party:


1. Drink responsibly.

There's always one at an office party: the colleague who drank a little too much. While there's nothing wrong with being slightly inebriated, you might want to set your limits when you're at an office party. Usually two beers or one hard drink is a reasonable limit. Remember, these aren't your college days — but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun.

2. Dress appropriately.

While every office party's dress code might be different, there are some standard rules. You could dress in any type of suit, except your birthday one. The motto for office parties is generally dress to impress. No need to wear a tuxedo or a gown, unless it is stated otherwise, but maybe don't dress like it's a frat party either. Be festive and respect any dress code. Remember, most office parties have a camera, so you want to feel good about what you're wearing.

3. Socialize.

This one goes without saying. If you want to impress your co-workers and your boss, socializing at an office party is a must. An office party is a great opportunity to know your co-workers better. If you're worried about getting stuck without anything to say, prepare some icebreakers and get ready to meet new co-workers you've never socialized with before. One topic you might want to avoid is anything about your business. Remember, an office party is an opportunity to show your fun (but still professional) non-work side.

4. Don't bring your significant other.

While your office might allow you to bring your significant other to your office celebration, it would be best to avoid it. Having a significant other at an office party requires additional responsibility and it might distract you from getting to know your co-workers better. Besides, your significant other may not want to be dragged to the office party in the first place.

5. Plan the after-party.

The top office parties usually continue after it's officially over. The best thing to do after the office party is to keep the fun going by taking your co-workers to TGI Fridays for cool music, great drinks, and delicious appetizers to share.  It's the perfect combination to keep the party going.


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