Some Completely Soothing Photos Of The Ocean For An Instant R&R Fix

You deserve 5 minutes of relaxation.

Take us with you.


Those are our first thoughts upon seeing Cedric Dasesson's surreal Instagram page of oceans and beaches we totally need to be at right now.

It just looks so relaxing while we're sitting here at our computers, typing away. Sometimes, the simple things in life make it all the better.

Just some sand, friends and cool water. Let's put our minds at ease and check out some of his best posts.

That looks like a refreshing way to rinse off.

Hey little fishies.

Headin' out of the office for a few days.

Vacation is always better with some friends.

Just a quick breather.


Point me in the direction of this place.

A natural gift shop.


Does it even matter where this is?

Catch the wave.

One under the sun.

No concerns at all.

Fresh out.

Is this paradise?

That looks perfect.

Board meeting.

To swim or explore?

Its not time to wake up yet.

We're just going to tell our boss we got lost on the way back.


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