11 People Who Totally Surprised Their Family By Coming Home For Thanksgiving

No. 8 is something special.

'Tis the season for togetherness, but unfortunately not all loved ones can make it back home for the holidays. While video messages and phone calls can be a good way to connect to the ones far away, nothing compares to their real-life presence. 

With Thanksgiving being one of the most special days of the year, people go to great lengths to make it home in time for their families — sometimes even making a surprise visit. 

So, to get you ready for the holiday season, we've rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving homecoming videos from over the years. Check out the heartwarming videos below. 

1. This military mom who surprised her daughter as a school mascot.

When seventh-grader JaiceyBelle stood next to her high school mascot, the Panther, at her school's pep rally, she had no idea she was in for a tearful surprise. Her mom, who had been serving in the military, was in the costume all along. 

2. This woman who photobombed her family with a wonderful surprise.

Everyone thought Sheridan was away at college and wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving. You could imagine their surprise when she photobombed their family photo. 

3. This man who surprised his family after three long years of not seeing them.

After not seeing his family for three years, this man drove over 500 miles to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving personally. The reactions were full of happy tears and endless "OMGs" 

4. This Air Force sergeant who surprised his family at his daughter’s high school.

When Jennifer Sanders and her stepdaughter Brieya Sander were called to the principal's office at Churchland High School, it wasn't because of grades or bad behavior. Waiting for them there was Air Force Technical Sergeant Brent Sanders who came home early from deployment to surprise his wife and daughter. 

5. This woman who was supposed to be overseas for Thanksgiving, but of course was not because ... SURPRISE!

Danielle had been traveling throughout Southeast Asia and her family thought she wouldn't make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Enter Danielle who dances into the room, giving her family the ultimate Thanksgiving shocker. 

6. This son who surprised his adorable parents on a quiet snowy night.

Stephen Hansen's parents were in total disbelief when they received a surprise visit from their son. "He's really here!," Hansen's mother exclaimed.  

7. This woman who left her parents literally speechless.

Both Wendy's mom and dad were at a loss for words when they saw their daughter return home for an unexpected holiday visit. 

8. This creative surprise visit.

This visitor, who came all the way from Berlin, hid in a trunk and gave their mom and grandmother (and dog) a glorious surprise.  

9. This twin who made her sister do a double-take.

Morgan, who had been studying abroad in Spain during Thanksgiving break, was happy to have her big brother visit her for the holiday. But she had no idea she'd see another familiar face. 

10. This college student who made his mom and nephew super happy.

Brandon Loureiro told his mom that he would be staying in Florida for Thanksgiving, but he secretly bought a ticket back home for Thanksgiving. Both his mom and his little nephew could not contain their excitement.

11. This man who made his mom say “OMGeezus.”

This man and his wife were afraid of giving his mom a heart attack with their surprise visit, but what they got was the most hilarious and heartwarming reaction ever: OMGeezus! 


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