Superman Is Richer Than Batman, According To This Extensive Numbers Crunch

The Man of Steel has an enviable net worth.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a week away from hitting theaters, and while comic book fans hold their breath waiting to see if it'll live up to the hype, they can at least distract themselves with fun side stories like Henry Cavill going completely unnoticed in Times Square while wearing a Superman shirt. Possibly the best and certainly the nerdiest of these diversions is a recent deep dive by The Bitbag into which superhero is richer: Batman or Superman. 

Most fans, even the casual ones, would probably assume Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, wins easily because he's a billionaire playboy and Superman, aka Clark Kent, is an alien and a journalist, which they say is a dying profession these days. Not so fast, though — as writer Martin Cruz says, "there's good reason to believe that Superman can give Batman a run for his money"

Not only is Superman invincible, meaning he never has to worry about health insurance or elderly care, but he also has spaceship from the planet Krypton, which could be worth a billion dollars for research purposes alone. Sure, Batman inherited an immensely valuable company and lives in a swanky manor, but there's a lot more to being wealthy than looking wealthy.


The numbers don't lie. Check them out:

The Bitbag


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