This Artist Rendering Would Take The Poop In The Bag Prank To A Whole New Super Level

Hey, it's gotta go somewhere.

We think super heroes take time out of their day to eat, so naturally it has to go somewhere.


One artist by the name of Shibato decided to take it to the next level and hilariously imagined what their poop might actually look like.

We have to say, we might actually die if we ever came across The Hulk's poop. It's enormous!

OK Thor, we don't know what you're eating, but you might want to see a doctor.

We're not sure how Spidey makes this happen in his spandex outfit, but well done.

Even Wonder Woman takes time out from saving the world to take care of business.

Blink and you might miss this one.

Even Magneto's poop attracts metal... and Iron Man.

Where did all that cash come from, though?

This would take the poop in the bag prank to a whole new level.

All right, that's enough #2 for the day.

You can see the rest of the funny illustrations on Shibato's Facebook page here.


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