A Tweet About Tipping Pizza Delivery Drivers Went Viral During The Super Bowl

"I strongly endorse this tweet/message."

While millions of Americans were watching the Philadelphia Eagles trounce the New England Patriots on February 4, one Twitter user reminded the country of a group of individuals who work particularly hard on Super Bowl Sunday but typically aren't well compensated: pizza delivery people.

The tweet in question, which has since been liked and retweeted over a 100,000 times, was shared by editor and activist Jordan Uhl, a former contributor to A Plus. Uhl kept things short and sweet, and simply encouraged Super Bowl revelers to remember those tirelessly working on a "hectic day," and to tip them appropriately.

"They're hourly workers, underpaid and most live paycheck-to-paycheck," Uhl wrote. "Today can be a GREAT opportunity for them to get ahead. PLEASE tip them well."

Within minutes, Uhl's tweet went viral, and current and former pizza delivery people echoed his call to tip well. Onetime Etsy CEO and current Reboot CEO Chad Dickerson, himself a former pizza delivery man, said Uhl's message was "right on."

Newsweek reporter John Haltiwanger, who once delivered pizzas for Domino's, declared, "I strongly endorse this tweet/message."

Several commenters also brought up the fact that many delivery people may use their own cars on the job, meaning the cost of gas and any repairs required later often make Super Bowl Sunday an incredibly costly night. As one former pizza delivery person put it, "My tips didn't always get to go into my pocket."

Lastly, one user offered a small but important tweak of Uhl's initial tweet, asking people to generously tip any delivery worker on Super Bowl Sunday, not just those who come to the door bearing pizzas. For hourly workers in general, tips can mean the difference between a good and bad day.

We're glad Uhl was able to shed light on a hardworking portion of the population that's often overlooked, and even more thrilled that so many people responded well to what he had to say.

Cover image via Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov.


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