Super Bowl 50 Will Feature Never-Before-Seen Camera Technology

The game is way better on TV than in person already.

The final month of the NFL season is full of big storylines as usual. First the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers all filed for relocation to Los Angeles. Then the league's owners voted to approve the Rams' proposal, with the Chargers eligible to join in a year and the Raiders left without a plan. Then some people in San Francisco got fussy about how much it will cost the city to host Super Bowl 50. And, of course, because it's the playoffs, plenty of great action happened in the actual football games played in the wild card round.

Whatever drama is swirling around in the news with respect to the NFL, at least we know the big game is going to be better than ever to watch from the comfort of our own homes. CBS, home of Super Bowl 50, has announced that it will introduce new camera technology when it airs the game on February 7. That includes the EyeVision 360 system, featuring 36 cameras positioned all around the upper deck of Levi's Stadium that allow it to freeze a moment, spin around to a different angle, and continue playing. There will also be for the first time Pylon Cam technology — all eight pylons around both end zones will be embedded with high-resolution, high-definition cameras that can also capture sound.

Purely in terms of visually following along with the action, watching NFL games on big TVs is already a superior experience to watching in person, just because of how well the technology that broadcasts games currently is. With these additions though, the tens and tens of millions of people that tune in will somehow get an even better product than they had before. Well played, NFL and CBS. Well played.

Cover image: Wikimedia


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