This 'Crazy Plant Lady' Lives In A Homemade Jungle In The Middle Of New York City

"At the end of the day, they're living, breathing creatures."

Model, environmentalist, and author Summer Rayne Oakes has not one, not two, but 500 plants growing in her jungle-esque apartment in Brooklyn.

In a video for Barcroft TV, Oakes takes viewers on a tour of her home, which features over 150 plant species covering walls, shelves, window sills, and beyond. There are even pineapple and banana plants growing in a "kitchen grow garden —" a space Oakes converted from a closet.

"It's hard to walk into a plant shop without wanting to buy a plant," Oakes says. "It's tough."


Oakes notes that plants respond better to certain types of music above others. Specifically, she says they prefer classical music and heavy metal, so she doesn't hesitate to play those genres a little louder. 

"At the end of the day, they're living, breathing creatures," Oakes adds.

Oakes, who calls herself a "crazy plant lady," now aims to purchase a community garden plot where she can "inspire others to get their garden on." 

And while we may not all have the ability to grow such magical jungle gardens in our own homes, having a green thumb may be more beneficial than you think: HGTV reports that some plants "decrease stress, remove indoor pollutants, and even make us nicer." 

Overall, growing your own plants can both provide a healthy, natural living environment and a bounty of fresh herbs, fruits, and more for your enjoyment.

For a full tour of Oakes' apartment, check out the video below:


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