Instead Of Punishing These Boys For Vandalism, Car Dealership Does The Opposite

True empathy can change the world.

If you caught two teens vandalizing your car, what would you do? For the Schulte Subaru dealership of Sioux Falls, the answer was quite simple, and quite unorthodox. 

After two teenagers were caught jumping up and down on the hoods of cars, causing more than $25,000 of damage, Subaru released video of the incident to try and identify the assailants. 


After the teenagers were identified through the video,  Schulte Subaru sent the evidence to the Sioux County Police Department. But then, things went in an unexpected direction.

When the detective learned that the boys came from a less-than-ideal family situations and that they were just 10 and 14 years old, the detective reported the information back to the dealership. Understanding that neither family could afford to pay back the damages, the dealership decided to offer a helping hand.

"It was just heartbreaking," Schulte told Argus Leader

The 14-year-old was walking three miles to and from school every day and had a home that lacked basic resources. So, staff decided to help the family look for better homes to live in and even supplied the boy with a bike and bus pass to get to and from school.  

When the boy learned of his fate, he didn't just accept graciously: instead, he asked the Subaru dealer if he could return the favor by showing up on weekends and to empty trash cans and do random chores.

"He actually asked... if he could come down and help us out," Schulte told Argus Leader.

Now, Schulte is saying that boy is unrecognizable from the one who stopped at the dealership to vandalize some cars. The dealership plans to assist the boy until he graduates high school and has high hopes he continues to make good choices. 

"This is the moment where the kid looks back and says, 'This is when someone cared about me,'" Schulte added.


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