This Optical Illusion Dance Performance Will Hurt Your Brain, Promise

Our eyes!

Artists like to use all sorts of props for their shows. From huge stage decorations, machines spitting fire and fog, to more moderate decisions like expressive makeup or costumes.

This group of dancers chose the latter and their decision couldn't have been better.

Their black and white costumes were specifically designed to create a mind-bending optical illusion. The trippy spectacle makes it appear as if there was a headless person in between the dancers doing gravity- and physiology-defying moves. 

But why talk when you can see for yourself.


So the performance starts with all the dancers lining up in a row and swinging their hips. Pretty normal, right?

But watch what happens when they start to move around the stage!

And this is just the beginning. The troupe has some Matrix-worthy tricks up their sleeve...

Like this crazy mid-air czeczotka.

Such performances are known as Strumpfhosentanz, which translates to "tights dance." The reason why this optical illusion is possible arises from our cognitive effort to assign correct limbs to each of the dancers, says Scientific American:

"Our visual system insists in grouping adjacent body parts by color (and congruent motion)."

Watch the full video below and see if it plays tricks with your brain too.


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