A Brazilian Couple Responded Perfectly When A Stray Pup Gate-Crashed Their Wedding

"Adoption is an act of love."

When a Brazilian couple was married last month, they had no idea their wedding day would also see the expansion of their family.

Marília Pieroni and her now-husband, Matheus, had hoped to tie the knot outdoors in their hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, but when an approaching rainstorm threatened that plan, the couple wisely decided to move the ceremony under a tent. That's when, according to The Dodo, a stray dog crashed the happy occasion and made himself comfortable inside the tent in an effort to escape the rain.

Pieroni tells A Plus the dog's presence made some guests "tense" because he was looking for affection and wanted to play, and also said the pooch was very dirty on account of the rain.

Though the dog was eventually cajoled out of the tent by some wedding guests, he eventually found his way back inside and made himself comfortable on Pieroni's clean, white veil. By then, the newlyweds and their guests agreed to let the stray dog join in on the celebration.

However, as the evening came to a close, Pieroni realized the four-legged intruder was nowhere to be found. Later that night, she and Matheus decided they would adopt the pup, but first they needed to track him down.

"It took exactly ten days to find him," Pieroni says of the dog who is now named Snoop. "We chose adoption because we knew he was a street dog, so we decided to give him a home. We have a lot of affection for him because he appeared in our lives in a very important moment."

Noting everyone has had a "very positive reaction" to Snoop's adoption, Pieroni wants others to know the impact bringing a stray or shelter animal into your life can have on you and the furry creature. "There are many animals living in the streets, cold and hungry without affection and attention," she says. "Adoption is good for adopters, because an animal that was abandoned has much more affection, gratitude and love to give than to those who live in pet shop." 

She adds, "Adoption is an act of love."

And lest there be any doubt, Pieroni tells us Snoop is "very happy" in his new home. He's already taken a trip to the vet for some vaccines, been given a shower, and is now "well fed and receiving a lot of love and affection."

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