'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Inspire Girls With Cancer

"For me, my hair isn't my everything."

For her astounding performance as the telekinetic Jane "Eleven" Ives on Netflix's Stranger Things, 12-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown sported a shaved head. Rather than being mortified by the prospect it, however, Millie has seized it as an opportunity to encourage and inspire girls with cancer and chemotherapy-related hair loss, as well as alopecia sufferers, to embrace the look.

In an interview with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live, the star shrugged off the idea that, as a young actress, her hair was "her everything."

"For me, my hair isn't my everything — I don't think that it is at all — because ... there are girls out there who have alopecia, who have cancer, terrible, terrible diseases, and I think that I can show them that it's cool to have short hair."

Two weeks ago, Millie posted a video to Instagram of her hair being cut for her "Stranger Things" role.

Hair chopping part 1! #strangerthings #chopchop #inthechairwith @sarahhindsgaul 😘💇🏼

A video posted by Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobby_brown) on

Hair chopping part 2 #strangerthings #chopchop the full video is in my bio! #nohairdontcare

A video posted by Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobby_brown) on

Could she been more awesome?

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