One Stranger's Small Act of Kindness Toward A Local Police Station Sparked A Giant Chain Reaction Of Gratitude

"He wanted officers to know that he thanked them for everything they do."

In the wake of the terrorist attack in London, people all over the world have responded with love and hope. Both large and small acts of kindness, from raising more than £12,000 (about $15,500) for the victims to sending flowers to a local police station in England, matter to the people these actions impact and the people they inspire. 

On March 22, the same day as the terrorist attack, flowers were sent anonymously to the Cheshire Constabulary, located about 200 miles northwest of London. According to a post on the police station's Facebook page, "These flowers were delivered to Warrington Helpdesk this evening by a concerned member of the public due to the incident in London. He wanted officers to know that he thanked them for everything they do." 


The anonymous donor is far from the only one. The picture of the flowers has since received nearly 60,000 likes and 4,000 shares. That single gesture has further set off a chain reaction of gratitude, with several Facebook users chiming in with positive comments and messages of thanks. 

"What we run away from, you run into, risking your life, to keep us safe from harm," wrote Tracy Moorhouse. "I'm grateful, and proud, of our selfless, emergency service ..." 

Another, Matthew Buckley added, "Thankyou [sic] to every single one of the emergency services. My father was a firefighter and I have admired the hard work from a young age. You guys are all amazing." 

"Such a beautiful thing to do. Sad that a police officer had to lose his life," Daphne Attwell commented, referencing the death of police chief Keith Palmer. "[M]y thoughts go out to his family, friends, and colleagues. keep up your good work keeping us all safe." 

Their sentiments were echoed in more than 600 additional comments, proving the unexpected and far-reaching power of a simple good deed. 


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