This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Terrible Stock Photos And The Results Are Hilarious

"Man discreetly using the ocean as a bathroom."

Stock photos can be pretty ridiculous and boring. Gestures and facial expressions are exaggerated while background settings are bare bones. 

They're just so fake. 

Look through stock photography enough and you'll start to feel uncomfortable. That's exactly what happened advertising art director Matt Vescovo

"I find that when I look at stock photos, I experience the same uncomfortable feeling I have when my bank teller asks me with a forced smile, how my morning is going or when I eat 'Chick'n,'" Vescovo wrote on his Facebook dedicated to stock photography. "It's not simply that my teller's greeting and the vegan meat substitute are fake, it's how hard they pretend that they're not. That's what really gets under my skin."

That's what led him to start the Stock Photobomber project. Vescovo photoshops himself into some of the most banal stock photography to create a photo with a whole new meaning. 

Check out some of the stock photos he's photobombed below: 


1. "Executives Making Turkeys"

2. "Coworkers Playing Hide and Seek"

3. "Man Having Trouble Getting Over Ex-Girlfriend"

4. "Husband Pooping in Stew"

5. "Man Applying Deodorant to Several Partygoers"

6. "Man Sent to His Death by Enthusiastic Gesture"

7. "Man Being Third Wheel"

8. "Man Enjoying Girlfriend's Pits"

9. "Man Vacuums Grandparents"

10. "Roommate with Boundary Issues"

11. "Man Discreetly Using the Ocean as a Bathroom"

12. "Parents Taking Picture with Son's 'Friend'"

13. "Executive Doing Coke Behind Cubicle Partition"

(H/T: CollegeHumor

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