This Shy Retired Couple Does Cosplay, And They Are So Legit

"We are both basically very shy and introverted individuals ... "

Steven and Millie Tani, a retired couple that has been married for 27 years, discovered cosplay (the act of dressing up as character from a movie, book, or game) three years ago while searching for a Halloween costume. The costumes were for Mickey's Halloween Party in 2014. 


They've continued their love for costume by dressing up as their favorite Disney and Marvel characters and sharing their creations on their Facebook page, CosplayParents.

"We are both basically very shy and introverted individuals, so when people started to ask to take pictures of us in our cosplays, we were first taken aback at the attention we were getting," the couple tells Mashable. "We [also] weren't sure how people would react to us as an older Asian couple ... but many have welcomed us and ... we are feeling more comfortable and have gained more new friends."

In a series of photos shared on Facebook, viewers can see the couple's array of costumes, from their Star Wars looks to those from Wonder Woman, Up, and beyond. 

In a comment on one of their photos, the Tani's explain how their daughter inspired their cosplay, too. 

"Daughter has been cosplaying since freshmen year in high school. Going on ten years for her; she has inspired her parents to follow her footsteps into the cosplay world," they write. "Sweetie it's all your fault! You turned your parents into the fandom and we're having so much fun!" 

The couple also updates their page's status with information regarding their whereabouts at various expos, creating an opportunity to meet fans and friends. They also share updates on the creation of their costumes.  

Check them out below: 

(H/T: Bored Panda)

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