Stephen Colbert Seductively Eats A Pizza Slice In His Temporary 'Late Show' Marquee

Angelo's is open during renovations, everyone.

Stephen Colbert isn't set to debut as the new host of "Late Show" until September 8, but he's definitely busy preparing for the day. The David Letterman sign above Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City was taken down soon after that comedy legend aired his final episode of "Late Show With David Letterman" in May — and now the first evidence that his successor is moving in has appeared. Colbert is featured on an advertisement for Angelo's Pizza, making eating pizza in a suit look not only feasibly, but arguably downright sexy.

It was announced that Colbert would succeed Letterman last April, and the final episode of his last hit show, "The Colbert Report," aired last year on December 18. His "Late Show" will inevitably be different than Letterman's, but the man himself will also be different. We're used to seeing Colbert play "Stephen Colbert," a satirically aggressive conservative blabbermouth, but he's dropping the persona to just be himself for the talk show.

Filling the shoes of a comedy legend like David Letterman is basically impossible, but given that Colbert isn't ignorant of that fact, it's unlikely his version of "Late Show" will disappoint. If his extracurricular activities consist of guest-hosting Michigan public-access TV shows and making a cameo in one of the "Hobbit" films, it's a safe bet that he'll come up with something special for his day job. Which is actually a night job, if we're being literal.

Ogle at the casual pizza ad for yourself:

Cover image: BagoGames via Flickr

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