Steph Curry Is Back. But More Importantly, So Is His Daughter, Riley.

Let the MVP be the MVP.

It's been a good week for Steph Curry. Monday night he returned to the Golden State Warriors lineup to lead the team to a game 4 win in its conference semifinal series against the Portland Trail Blazers, and then he casually followed it up with a second-straight MVP award, the league's first unanimous vote.

While that's all good and fine and impressive, the more important story hinged to this one is that Steph's daughter Riley is also back in full force now that her dad's healthy again. After stealing an entire nation's hearts during the Warriors' championship run last spring, Riley kept the momentum going this season with vintage performances, such as her artful cover of the happy birthday song on Steph's 28th.

Then, a scary knee injury took Steph off the court and Riley away from the post-game conferences where she shines the brightest. Other challengers like Isaiah Thomas' sons moved swiftly into the spotlight, and the world of adorable children to NBA stars was on the precipice of dramatic change.

The MVP is the MVP, though, and true legends always assert their dominance right when times seem the darkest. At Steph's MVP acceptance speech, Riley proved she's still playing a different game than everyone else on the same court as her, and everything returned to the way it should be.


Never doubt again, fans.

(H/T: SB Nation)


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