Just Five Months After Being Shot In The Head, Stedman Bailey Is Running Drills To Play Football Again

He said he'd back.

On November 24, Los Angeles Rams receiver Stedman Bailey was in a car with his cousin and two other young relatives in Miami when another car pulled alongside them and opened fire. Bailey was shot twice in the head and rushed to the hospital after the other car fled the scene. The initial fears were that the wounds he sustained would be fatal, but he responded well to surgery and eventually made a full recovery. Now he's back on the practice field again to get in shape for playing football at the highest level.

After such a serious injury, many would never go near such a brutal sport again. Clearly football is life to Bailey, though, and he made his commitment clear soon after leaving the hospital.

He's been keeping plenty busy working out ever since and recently he took to the field to start running routes. Judging by the short video he reposted to his Instagram, the work is paying off:

It's not clear how close he is to being ready for actual NFL game action, but the fact that he's working out so hard less than five months after near-fatal shots to the head is miraculous enough on its own. Here's to hoping he can get back to playing with his teammates in real games come this fall.

(H/T: NFL via Bleacher Report)


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