5 Places Where Weed Prices Are The Lowest (For The Smart Marijuana Consumer)

Sweet Mary Jane.

To legalize or not to legalize? That is the question currently thrown around in the national debate on marijuana. 

Legalization varies in each state: from limited medical marijuana use allowed to a full-blown pot industry raking in the money from its recreational use. But no matter the substance's legal status, there will always be demand for it. 

Based on a handy map put together by Frank Bi at Forbes.com, here are the five places where the average price weed is the lowest.


5. Nevada: $265/ounce

4. Colorado: $243/ounce

3. California: $242/ounce

2. Washington: $232/ounce

1. Oregon: $204/ounce

The average cost of an ounce in four of the states where recreational marijuana is legalized (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska) is below $300, lower than the national average of $324. 

According to the data compiled from PriceOfWeed.com, though Alaska didn't make the cut in this list, it still sits pretty at $294 per ounce. 

Cover image via iStock/Anchiy


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