Election Day: 3 New State Laws That Will Restore Your Faith In Democracy

Democracy for the win!

While most voters have their eyes on next year's election, there was an important election on Tuesday night that voters shouldn't over look. Several states voted on major ballot initiatives, including three that will help make elections more fair.

Here are three new laws that prove hope is still alive for democracy:


1. Seattle voters will get $100 to donate to politicians of their choice.

After Tuesday's election, Seattle will become the first city in the U.S. to give their citizens taxpayer-funded democracy vouchers. I-122, known as the Honest Elections ballot measure, passed with 60 percent of the vote. With the law, voters in Seattle will receive $100 in vouchers that they can use to donate to the campaign of their choice.

2. Maine expands clean elections.

55 percent of Maine citizens voted to revitalize the Maine Clean Election Act. This initiative bolsters their current program by increasing the money available for public campaign financing for candidates who forgo private donations. Essentially, it rewards candidates who avoid special interests. It also requires organizations to disclose their top three donors for political advertisements.

3. Ohio crushes their unfair gerrymandering process.

71 percent of Ohio voters backed an invitation to overhaul their redistricting process. The bill expands their redistricting panel from five to seven members. If the two minority members vote against the map, then it must be redrawn in four years, instead of ten. The result could be fewer gerrymandered districts, more competitive elections and better representation in Ohio.


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