Startling Photoshopped NFL Ad Makes Rounds On The Internet


Six days have passed since the Baltimore Ravens fired Ray Rice, but the internet isn't satisfied.

Although the AP reported that the NFL had the tape of Rice punching out his then-fiance (now-wife) long before his release, the league's Commissioner, Roger Goodell, alleges that he never saw the footage. But for many people, that excuse just won't do.

The hashtag #GoodellMustGo has been making rounds on Twitter, where this startling photoshopped NFL ad was found.

The ad depicts a woman in her team's gear with a black eye, the accompanying text reading: "Get your game face on." The photo comes after many have called for a boycott of the NFL for their poor handling of the situation.

Even a banner was caught on camera flying across the Giants' Met Life stadium:

Though outraged, others would argue a boycott just isn't feasible. Still, something must be done. When the story first broke, Kate Nolan of Fox Sports said that reprimanded the NFL goes way beyond not watching football. They must allow women to play a larger role in sports, and not just look pretty on the sidelines.

"It's time for women to have a seat at the big boy table," she says. "The truth is, the NFL will never respect women or their opinions as long as the media it answers to doesn't."

For now, the internet will settle for media of their own.


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