The First 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Was Worth The Wait

"I rebel."

The past four months or so since Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters have been full of reactions and reactions to reactions over the return of possibly the biggest franchise of all time. Meanwhile, the next film in the Star Wars universe has gone about its business relatively quietly, even with a release date just eight months away now. No, we're not talking about Episode VIII, which is indeed currently shooting, but definitely not in a quiet manner. We're talking about the spin-off Rogue One, which just released its first trailer.

While trailers for the Force Awakens focused on the wonder of Star Wars and nostalgia over its original cast, the Rogue One teaser is decidedly darker and full of characters we've never seen before. At the lead is Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, a smuggler who gets enlisted by the Rebels to steal plans for the Death Star. It takes place after the events of Episode III but before Episode IV, bridging the gap temporally between the prequel trilogy just about everyone hates and the original trilogy just about everyone loves.

The trailer is sure to rack up the views pretty quickly as people start dissecting it frame by frame, trying to figure out what the exact plot will be and who this Jyn figure really is. Regardless, it's good to see another no-bullshit female in the lead — maybe the new trilogy's Rey descends from her? Guess we'll find out soon. Or not so soon, you know, depending on how many films the powers that be decide to make before connecting all the loose threads they're throwing out into this particular far, far away galaxy these days.


Watch the trailer in full below:

Cover image: Star Wars via YouTube


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