Death Of Teen Girl Inspires Movement To Spread Kindness


Kathryn Capener of Pleasant View, Utah was the lone survivor of a tragic boat ride that took her husband Lance, her two daughters Kelsey and Kylie, and a family friend, Sierra Hadley. The disaster occurred in June after a 10-foot wave capsized the boat, knocked everyone off  and into the 53-degree temperature water. Emergency responders saved Kathryn, but it was too late for her family.

"I am thankful to everyone who helped look for us," Capener told PEOPLE. "I am thankful to all of the people who worked so hard to try and save my husband and daughters. I know that everyone involved did everything possible to help us."


Oct. 18, 2015 would have been Kelsey’s 14th birthday.

In lieu of somber event to mark the occasion, Capener decided to do something a little different. Family and friends gathered to recall stories of Kelsey's life and her noble reputation for helping others.

Capener even started a Facebook page called Spread Kelsey's Kindness, which she hoped to be used to inspire charity and goodwill in Kelsey's memory.

Here is the message that she posted on Facebook.

The community felt compelled by her plea for spreading kindness, and did just that.

"That's the kind of thing Kelsey would do," Leisa Stockdale, Kelsey's aunt said to Fox 13 Salt Lake City. "She'd save her money and give donations to food banks. She'd hold bake sales and try to buy toys for Primary Children's Hospital. These are things I didn't know about Kelsey, and things I've learned about her since she's been gone. She just, she loved serving other people. She realized that she had a good life."

About 100 students also felt inspired by the Spread Kelsey's Kindness campaign, and are wearing t-shirts to school on Monday that say "Struggling with the Jr. high school experience? Spread kindness."


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