You Can Now Get Perfectly Manicured Nails With The Shake Of A Can


You know when you try to do your own nails, and they end up like this?


Well, those days are about to be over.

Introducing the nail polish innovation we've all been waiting for: spray-on polish.

That's right, British brand Nails Inc. is totally changing the manicure game. For $12 a can, they claim their product Paint Can will give you "the world's fastest manicure." It's supposed to only take 20 seconds and it's super easy.

Here's how it works: After applying a base coat to all your nails, shake the bottle and spray it over your fingertips.

You'll inevitably get the product on your hands, but it'll wash right out with warm water.

Voilà! Perfect manicure.

Nails Inc. is launching the product in pink and silver, but other colors are sure to follow. If you're U.K.-based, you'll be able to nab the spray-on polish later this week. For all of us in the U.S., it'll be available for purchase this upcoming March. 

We can hardly wait! 

Oh, and it's Alexa Chung-approved.

So you know it's gotta be good. 

You can watch the whole polishing process below:

(H/T: Buzzfeed

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