Jeans With GPS Built Into Them Will Help You Get Off Your Phone And Enjoy The 'Real' World

Put your phone away.

Whether we are texting, playing a game, or looking at directions, most of us have been guilty of walking around with our noses to a screen. But one Italian company called Spinali Design is trying to help ween us off our phones with an innovative fashion tech design — GPS jeans

The jeans, which are called Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans, were revealed at the CES trade show and are meant to make getting to your destination easier. According to the Spinali Design website, each pair has two vibrating sensors on the left and right sides of the belt that you connect to you phone via Bluetooth. The geolocation feature guides you where to go by buzzing on the side you're supposed to turn. The jeans run from $76 to $106. 


Additionally, users can program the jeans to vibrate when they receive an email or call, or to vibrate more intensely if they are running late. 

Though the garment isn't rechargeable, the company states  you should be able to wear them once a week for four years, and that the Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans go into sleep mode when they're not worn or getting washed.

Granted, the way these jeans are being marketed is highly questionable, we appreciate the sentiment behind smart technology that is meant to get us to look up from our phones every now and then.  

(H/T: Refinery29)


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