Guess Which Country Will Jail You For Excessive Speeding? It Isn't China.

Gonna just ease off the gas right about now.

When it comes to speeding, don't do it... meow.


If you completely missed this reference and never watched "Super Troopers", please do.

You could potentially kill someone and put every driver around you in danger. Plus, you really don't want to get this look from your local state troopers.

Again, please go watch "Super Troopers".

But all jokes aside, speeding is dangerous and different countries go to different lengths to prevent people from harming themselves and others.

Luckily Avis put together a list of speeding regulations throughout the world, so no matter where you are, you know the law... meow.

Some of these policies are actually pretty amazing. For example, in Finland, there actually isn't even a standard fee. Your ticket is based on your income and how fast you were going over the limit. One driver had a salary of 14 million euros and was "handed a day fine of 116,000 euros for his recklessness – roughly 14 days of income," per Avis.

Two countries will put you in jail for excessive speeding and another will even take away your job. Let's breakdown the different fines throughout the world on the next page.

Last one, we promise! But go watch "Super Troopers", seriously.

Let's start out with the first ever known speeding ticket in 1896.

The charge: one shilling.  He broke the speed limit of three kilometers per hour.

While one shilling isn't exactly breaking the bank and going about five mph probably doesn't endanger many things besides a gaggle of geese, this next ticket will make your jaw drop.

The most expensive ticket ever handed out was $1 million to a driver in Switzerland.

Why so much? Because he was going so fast that the radar guns couldn't even clock his speed, which exceeded 300 kilometers per hour.

Side note, a Bugatti which cost $2.4 million was seized in Rotterdam, so while not a ticket, that's one expensive fine.

Now lets go to the Americas

These countries have a standard max speed limit of around 120 miles per hour on highways. However, the penalties are quite different.

Places like Rio de Janeiro could charge you $1531 and Toronto could charge you a whopping $8042. Watch out though, those countries also have a simple multiplier effect depending on the speed you were going.

But New York. Fuggettaboutit.

While you might get a fine up to $600, you can also get locked up for 30 days if a judge deems it necessary. 

Compared to the possibility of jail in New York, lands on the eastern side of the hemisphere are actually lenient, sort of.

If you hate school and enjoy your current employment, don't speed in Tokyo, because they'll stick your butt in a chair until you understand traffic laws and terminate your job on top of it. We already had our fun in driver's ed and quite like our jobs, so definitely not speeding there.

Australia is also quite harsh, docking you up to $1836 and confiscating your license, although you can keep your job. Getting to work is another story.

Some countries in Europe will definitely nip your wallet pretty bad if you "have the need for speed."

Goose will definitely not be paying your bill either, so yea, no high fives for this one.

As we talked about before, Finland will fine you based on your salary and Oslo, Norway will do something similar.

Not only will they get diabolical and add 10 percent of your annual salary to your speeding ticket, they'll throw you in the pen for 18 days. We don't know what jails are like in Oslo and we really would not like to find out. So, just take our word for it and don't do it.

Most other countries have a simple point system, but if you decide to speed in Istanbul, they'll send you off to see Sigmund Freud. OK, he's long gone, but they will still make you go for psychiatric counseling. So, slow down you nut!

See the full list below courtesy of Avis.


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