This Grandmother Thought She Won The Lottery, But What She Got Instead Was So Much Better

Something you can't put a price on.

Lotería de Navidad, or the Spanish Christmas Lottery, has done it again with another tearjerking holiday commercial that's jam packed with so much love and emotion, it could even pull at the heartstrings of The Grinch. 

"21 de Diciembre" tells the story of a retired schoolteacher, Carmina, who mistakenly believes she's won the lottery one day before the actual draw. 

Her overwhelming joy is so infectious that her family, friends, and the community that love her can't bear to break the news — and instead, join in her celebration. 

A local fiesta quickly turns into widespread news coverage and police escorts, all in the name of Carmina's happiness. 

The nearly five-minute ad, which has been viewed well over 4 million times on YouTube, is a small reminder of the power of love, community, and sharing. For a group of people to go to such great lengths for the joy of one special woman is a lesson in compassion for us all — a cheer sure to resonate deeply and spread well beyond the holidays. (Especially the ending, which will really get the tears flowing.) 

Creator Leo Burnett Madrid hit a home run with his follow up to 2015's "Justino," which told the tale of a store night watchman, who uses lifeless mannequins to connect with the daytime colleagues he rarely gets a chance to interact with directly. But in the end, he ended up being the winner.


Check out "21 de Diciembre" below. And you may want to grab a hanky.


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