This Awesome Video Shows Just How Similar Spanish And Arabic Are

They're closer than you might think.

Language is a funny thing. It grants us access to society in ways we don't always appreciate, and the languages people speak create some of the most concrete boundaries between the worlds we inhabit. In a world where the internet makes national borders feel a lot more fluid, language tends to remain a force that can separate us from people we walk next to every day.

But languages themselves tell stories, and the borders they form aren't always as rigid as we think. In a new video from Annenberg Media, two speakers of two seemingly very different languages discover just how similar a lot of their vocabulary is. The overlap between Spanish and Arabic makes sense when you remember Spain was under Muslim rule for several hundred years. And if you speak Spanish, your Arabic-speakers aren't your only long-lost cousins. Spanish is surprisingly similar to Tagalog, which is spoken in the former Spanish-ruled Philippines. Just proof that those linguistic borders aren't as solid as you might have thought after all.

Check out the crash course in Arabic and Spanish below:



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