Hilarious Signs On Dry Cleaner's Marquee Are Great, But The Story Behind Them Is Even Better.

Hilarious and moving.

In Lakeland, Florida there is a dry cleaners called Southside Cleaners-Launderers like no other. What makes this Polk County establishment different from the rest are the hilarious sentences that grace its marquee. 

For decades, the signs were written by the wife of the dry cleaner's owner Marge Myers, but sadly Myers has just passed away at the age of 95.    

Local news outlet Bay News 9 reports Myers' son Greg says his mother was always looking for ideas to put up on the signs.  "I know when we were on vacation, when we were little kids, every billboard, every sign and every changeable letter sign, she would make a mental note of it," says Myers' son. "If she saw something, even part of an idea that was interesting, she would write it down."

Though Myers has passed away, she's left a memorable mark on her city, and now the world can appreciate her witticisms, as pictures of her signs have gone viral after being posted online to Imgur. 

The Imgur poster writes "...this lady was classy and a staple to all who grew up here." 

Though the signs have gone blank to honor her memory this week,  Southside Cleaners will continue to post funny messages on their marquee starting again next week. 

Below are just a few of Myers signs, with captions written by the Imgur poster. You can view the rest of Myer's funny sayings on Southside's Facebook page here. 


"She began these witticisms in the '60s."

she began these witticisms in the 60s

"The business is in Lakeland, Florida."

The business is in Lakeland Florida
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com
View post on imgur.com

"They have gone silent for a week."

they have gone silent for a week

"RIP Marge Myers."

RIP Marge Myers

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