Think Kids Can't Be Legit DJs? This 3-Year-Old Will Prove You Wrong.

Just WOW.

"Say hi. Don't want to say hi to them?" AJ's dad asks while his son is acting super shy. "Ok, so basically he's a DJ."


Yep. Your read that just right. And his dad is not making this up.

This little nugget is Oratilwe Hlongwane, better known as DJ AJ. He's just 3 years old, but he already sounds so much better than some of the DJs we've heard.

He started playing with his dad's — an aspiring DJ himself — music mixer at the tender age of 1. His parents noticed that the kid had an incredible sense of timing and rhythm. Fast-forward two years and voilá — he's a viral phenomenon.

This week the little DJing prodigy appeared on South Aftica's Got Talent. And oh boy, did he rock it.

 Watch the entire video below:

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