4 Adults Were Asked What They'd Say To Their Childhood Bullies. One Calls His.


The brilliant minds at SoulPancake have released another incredibly moving video that we are delighted to share with you. 

Released on Oct. 30, "Bullied" takes an unflinching look at four adults who, even years later, recall the often painful effects that bullying had on their childhoods and their lives. 

The video's description lays out the background:

"1 out of 4 kids and teens are bullied. And statistics show that over 60% of kids never report it. If you got the chance, what would you say to the person who bullied you? We invited a group of people to bravely recall their personal experiences with being bullied, and then asked them what they would tell the person who bullied them today."

It's an unexpectedly moving look at a problem that wasn't always taken as seriously as it is now.


Watch "Bullied" here:

What would say to your bully? 

For more from SoulPancake, check out its YouTube channel.


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