Man With Terminal Cancer Gets His Dream Wedding Just Months Before He Passes

It's better to have loved and lost than not loved at all.

Solomon Chau and Jenn Carter were supposed to live a lifetime together, until Chau's liver cancer diagnosis last December cut their future abruptly short. He died just eight months later at age 26, but with more love than most people see in a lifetime. 

Four months before his passing, he wed his best friend. 

Their wedding day was supposed to be at the end of the summer, but after getting an update from doctors in March, his time became limited. 

"The doctors say the outlook is not looking good, but I promise I will keep fighting until my last breath. Time is currently not on my side, but I plan on making the most of it," he wrote in a Facebook post. 

Family, friends, strangers and, of course, his fianceé Jenn came together to move their wedding up to April 11 — about two weeks after the news.

According to The Star, everyone came together, raising more than $50,000 for the couple to have their dream wedding.


On Aug. 17, 2015 Chau passed away.

And though he knew his time was limited, you'd never tell from him and Jenn's wedding video, which remains in his wake. 

She posted a Facebook status to share the sad news of her husband's passing. But also to let the world know how strong their love was. 

"I'm forever in your debt for showing me what love really is all about, and we learned more about it at 26 than some will learn in a lifetime," she wrote. "You and I should have been able to live the next 60 years of our lives together, but I'm still forever thankful that God gave us 8 incredible years.

"You're everything I could have asked for in a husband and more, and you'll always have my heart."

RIP Solomon Chau. 

Check out their wedding video below:

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