These Soldiers Went Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty To Save A Kitten

How does this even happen?!

There's a 21st century saying — "the Internet is forever" — that everyone from intensely technophobic PR moguls and damage control experts to privacy advocates can agree on. There's no place on the Internet, however, that better proves this maxim than the virally fertile grounds of Imgur, the insanely popular photo-sharing site originally intended as a gift to Reddit, the unchallenged "front page of the Internet." 

This photo series was originally posted by Imgurian IFAPCEO two years ago, though little was said about how he came about the pictures. Fast-forward to two days ago, when Imgur user TastingVelocity posted them again with the same title.

We have no idea how a group of U.S. soldiers located a kitten or kittens in a concrete hole in the ground outside a Subway restaurant, but we're glad they managed to save them. Somewhere out there, someone knows something about all this, but until that truth is revealed, we'll have to take this as is.

When it comes to anyone going out of their way to do something decent, something kind, something just plain good, it deserves to be preserved forever.

That said, we're happy to share this with you. It's almost as good as cuddling a kitten. Enjoy. 



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