Soldier In Alabama Seen Buying Two Hungry Kids Dinner At Taco Bell

We need more Americans like this.

Most soldiers get a reputation for what they do on the battlefield. But one is getting recognition for what he did inside a Taco Bell. 

Lt. Col. Robert Risdon Jr., a U.S. Army Ranger, stopped in Mobile, Alabama to get some food. There he was approached by two boys trying to sell some candy for their local church.

Realizing that the boys were hungry and that he didn't have any cash, Ridson decided to buy them some Taco Bell instead. Little did he know that a fellow diner, Jason Gibson, had busted out his phone and begun filming.  The video is now going viral.

Ridson didn't just buy them dinner. He sat down and shared a meal with them. With 50 million Americans estimated to be food insecure right now, his deed is something we could all stand to be inspired by.

"I'm kinda embarrassed and humbled by the praise and don't need it," Risdon said in an interview with The Huffington Post. "I am a believer that we live in the best country in the world with the best people and that acts of kindness happen every day."

For Ridson, the decision was simple. He cited an Army Ranger Creed that says "never fail your comrades," and described buying the children dinner as more a reaction than a choice.

"They were great kids, very respectful and smart," he said. "It was the least I could do for two young Americans.  They were happy to get some chow for sure, and very thankful." 

And we're just glad there are people like Ridson out there.


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