Two Guys Did The Same Social Experiment In Russia And USA, Results Are Shocking

Some humans find it hard to be humane.

Each culture has its own traditions and peculiarities.

From religion and food to social behavior and national symbols, we could go on and on. However, some things shouldn't be aspects of culture. They should be universally humane. Like, for instance, helping others.

Two Russian youngsters from St. Petersburg, Nicholas and Guram, created a YouTube channel and set out to question our cultural differences. Their latest experiment really puts our society on the fringe!

Social experiment compares how Russia and the United States treat an ill man on the street

The first two minutes show people's reactions from St. Petersburg, Russia. Then the action moves to Miami, Florida. Notice the shocking difference captured on hidden cameras.

Nicholas and Guram claim Rakamakafo is extremely satirical and not intended to cause any conflict. Their goal is to conduct social experiments with real people in real-life situations and make the viewer think what he or she would've done in their place. This mission kind of relieves the need to speculate on the profoundness of such videos and rather think of the choice we have made in the same situation.

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