Photo Of Grocery Store Cashier Helping Elderly Woman Goes Viral For The Best Reason


At first glance, you might think this photo of two people walking is pretty ordinary. But the touching story behind the image made it go instantly viral. 

Why? Because the man in the green apron is grocery store Sobeys cashier Austin MacNeill, kindly walking a blind, elderly woman along the icy road. 

Now, everyone say "Awwww."

The image, captured by Facebook user Terri Bordage Stevens has gotten over 15,000 likes and about 6,000 shares in just four days. 


"It's just kind of the thing we do around this store," MacNeill told CTV Atlantic of the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Sobeys.

People touched by the worker's good deed used the hashtag #AustinfromSobeys to show their support. 

Yes, yes, we should.

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