Somehow, Snoop Dogg Narrating 'Iguana Vs. Snakes' From 'Planet Earth II' Makes It Less Terrifying — But Not Really

Warning: Includes iguanas, snakes, and adult language.

Even before Planet Earth II took over your TVs earlier this year, there was a clip that probably both thrilled you and frightened you: "Iguana vs. Snakes." The segment quickly went viral and currently sits at having more than 11 million views on YouTube — and now there's a new version that will probably still thrill and frighten you but, as a bonus, will also make you LOL.

Courtesy of last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! we saw Snoop Dogg back in action for another round of the "Plizzanet Earth" sketch — this time with the iguana and snake action. The rapper gives us a play by play of not only what is going on before our very eyes, but what the motives behind the creatures are in the moment. Seriously, it's a great addition to the scene.

The man behind hits such as "Drop It Like It's Hot" as well as "Gin and Juice" replaces the charming Sir David Attenborough — who has now narrated both Planet Earth installments. Unlike the Brit, he shows emotions and excitement. Snoop gets caught up in the moment, cheers on the iguana, expresses hope for the snakes to fail, and even drops a few curse words in the meantime.

For those of you who haven't seen the "Iguana vs. Snakes" clip before, here's a little background on that: It's set in the Galápagos Islands and follows baby iguanas who, after having literally just hatched, must run for their lives to escape the predatory snakes who lurk in the area. It's only a brief moment from Planet Earth II's first episode out of a total run of six episodes.


Check out the original “Iguana vs. Snakes” video here:

And here's Snoop Dogg's LOL-worthy version:

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