Watch Kate McKinnon Deliver A Moving Performance Of 'Hallelujah' As Hillary Clinton

"SNL" opened on an emotional note this week.

For most of this season, Saturday Night Live has opened the show by making fun of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But this weekend's first post-election episode started on a much more serious note, with Kate McKinnon delivering a moving performance of "Hallelujah" in costume as Clinton. It served as a hauntingly beautiful tribute to both the Democratic candidate and songwriter Leonard Cohen, who passed away this week at age 82.

Alec Baldwin's Trump was nowhere to be seen as McKinnon showed off her skills on the piano, as well as a lovely singing voice. For so many Americans who hoped to see Clinton win the election and become the first female president (and who are saddened, angered, or frightened over the idea of a Trump presidency), it was an incredibly powerful moment.


McKinnon herself appeared to get choked up by the end of the performance, as she turned to face the camera and told viewers, "I'm not giving up, and neither should you." It's a sentiment shared by Hillary Clinton herself, who reminded supporters in her concession speech last week to "never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it."

Watch McKinnon's full performance in the video below:


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