Watch 'Saturday Night Live' Actors Break Character In These Magical Compilation Videos

Try not to laugh while they try not to laugh.

Considering the sheer number of totally ridiculous skits Saturday Night Live cast members have participated in, it's hard to believe they manage to stay in character as much as they do. But when they do break character, it's always a treat for viewers. Remember the beauty that was that Kate McKinnon and Ryan Gosling alien abduction sketch? None of the actors involved could keep it together and that made the whole thing even better. 

Lucky for all us SNL fans, YouTube channel KateMcKinnonTV put together two hilarious compilation videos that splice together times when the cast struggle to fight off their laughs and stay in character. To hide their laughter they do things like cover their mouths with their hands or turn away from the camera. But the best moments of all are when they just give into their giggles. 

The video is not just hilarious to watch, but it's also a lovely trip down memory lane. We're enjoying that while we wait for season 42 to premiere on October 1. 

Check out both compilation videos below:

(H/T: Glamour


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