Woman Creates Snapchat Boyfriend And In True Snapchat Style He Doesn't Stick Around

It might not have been the best date ever.

Who needs an actual S.O. to cozy up with? For Valentine's Day this year, one creative woman decided celebrating the holiday with a physical boyfriend was so 2015. 

So, she created a Snapchat boyfriend and the two spent, what appears to be, a lovely day together. But of course, like all Snapchat stories, he was gone before she knew it.

She posted all the hilarious screenshots of her date with her "boyfriend" in an Imgur album.



The "couple" started their day by waking up next to each other.


After the Snapchat boyfriend attempted to make breakfast, they headed out on a "mystery date."


Good choice!


Unfortunately, her Snapchat boyfriend got a little carried away...


And their Valentine's Day celebration had to be put on hold.


Back to the single life.


Surprisingly there's still more to the once happy couple's date, which you can see here, and it doesn't end well for the Snapchat boyfriend.

Rest in peace. You were a good boyfriend... while you lasted.


(H/T: The Daily Dot)


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