Tech Company Develops The World's First Smart Tampon


There is a new tech company with a product — dubbed the world's first tampon monitor — that seeks to ease the burden for women during their periods.

Called My.Flow, this product enables women to know their tampons are fully saturated using Bluetooth technology. Essentially, the tampons are connected to a Bluetooth monitor that tracks how saturated they are and transmits data to a phone app.

This technology can be especially helpful to girls who are beginning their menstruation cycles.

"Our aim is to empower women through insight and to obliterate the period anxiety that plagues virtually 51 percent of the world at some point in our lives," co-founder Amanda Brief said in a YouTube video.

Brief developed the idea at the University of California before going to China to produce the product.

"Women need this, because we can't check how full our tampons are, so we are on the side of taking them out prematurely — which is not only wasteful, but also quite physically uncomfortable," Brief told Refinery29.


As Brief and her co-founder Jacob McEntire seek funding for their product, they are aiming for a tentative 2017 release for consumers. The Bluetooth module is projected to cost $50 for consumers, and $13 for a month's supply of corresponding tampons.


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