14 Incredibly Inefficient Struggles That Slow Down Everyone's Morning

Good (bad) morning!

It's not your clock's fault that you are late every morning, it's yours. No matter what your routine is, people make the same stalling mistakes every morning that waste so much time.

Here are 14 struggles in the a.m. that everyone deals with, even morning people:


1. Hitting the snooze alarm.

2. Getting the kids up.

3. Being blinded by the sun.

4. Meditating way too long.

5. Taking a very c...c...cold shower.

6. Flexing your very fictional muscles.

7. Excessively shaving.

8. Applying way too much toothpaste.

9. Enjoying a cup of coffee more than you should.

10. Cooking breakfast.

11. Reading the newspaper. (Really? In 2015?)

12. Deciding what to wear.

13. Packing lunches for the kids.

14. Going back to sleep after all of that.

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