Man Climbs Into A Giant Water Balloon, But The True Magic Happens When It Pops

That was nuts.

YouTubers Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy aka "The Slow Mo Guys" have performed a bunch of different experiments using a high speed camera to show viewers "the world hundreds of times slower than [we] can see with [our] own eyes."

This includes, but is not limited to: taking a football to the face, using a homemade goop cannon, and popping watermelons with rubber bands — all in slow motion.


And in their latest (and might we add) epic video, Gruchy climbs into a giant water balloon and fills it with water until it pops...

Note: both Grunchy and the balloon are six feet tall... so that's a big pop.

The result is crazy and all, but then they play the video back in slow motion and it's unlike anything we've ever seen...

"I think that should go into history as one of the greatest things ever shown in 4K," Free adds.

And bonus, the Internet has come up with some pretty perfect memes:

Be sure to watch the full video from every perfectly executed, slow motion angle.

(H/T: Mashable)


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