Slow Mo Guys Strike Again With Incredible Footage Of A Gargling Uvula

What a fascinating peek inside our bodies!

The human body is an unbelievably complex web of pulsating organs, intertwined nerves, streams of blood cells, and whatnot. Most of it, however, is tucked away under the skin and will never be seen by a regular person's eye.

But the human curiosity is never relenting. So if there's a way to peek behind the curtain, you can be pretty damn sure we'll find it.

Kind of like The Slow Mo Guys did in their recent video.


Known for their slo-mo experiments, this time, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy explore the human body and one of its functions in particular — gargling.

Gargling is defined as washing or rinsing the throat or mouth with a liquid held in the throat and is supported by a stream of air coming from the lungs. It usually happens when we brush our teeth and sip some mouthwash.

But have you ever wondered why that liquid doesn't go up in your nose, since the oral cavity and nasal cavity are connected?

Well, it's thanks to a little bag of flesh called the uvula.

The uvula guides the flow of food and water away from entering your nasal cavity. It also helps us make uvular sounds (think pirate-like arrrs). 

Intrigued by this miniature body part, The Slow Mo Guys decided to see how it works from up close.

And the result was astounding. Look at it trying to punch-block the water in Gav's mouth!

Watch the full video below and witness all of its glory:


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