Creative Instagrammer Gives The Starbucks Siren The Most Brilliant Makeovers

"One Marilyn Monroast, please."

We're all pretty familiar with the Starbucks siren. So maybe it's time to give her a little makeover.

An Instagrammer that goes by the name of Sleevebucks is already hard at work on the project. He draws adorable doodles on Starbucks coffee sleeves, transforming the siren into iconic figures like Queen Elsa and Severus Snape.

Drinking morning coffee would be way more exciting if you were having "Marilyn Monroast," don't you think?

"Stärbjarks the Bold"

"Marilyn Monroast"

"Antonio Granderas"

"Voldemort: the original flat white"

"Why so Severus?"

"Orange Mocha Phantomccino!"

"The cold (press) never bothered me anyway"

"Old ladybucks"


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