This Artist Transforms The Starbucks Logo Into Your Favorite Characters

No. 10 is the best.

Chances are, at some point in your life, you've walked out of a Starbucks holding a cup with a cardboard sleeve on it to keep your hand from burning off. You probably tossed it without a second thought when you were finished. 

One artist had a different idea and used the sleeve to transform the Starbucks mermaid into art. The mystery artist draws beloved characters from Harry Potter to Catwoman to Ned Stark. Then, uploads the sleeve art to the Instagram sleevebucks

Here are some favorites:


1. Elsa

2. Harry Potter

3. Ash Ketchum

4. Batman

5. Mario

6. Maleficent

7. Voldemort

8. Goku

9. Darth Vader

10. Tina

11. Snow White

12. Wonder Woman

13. The Hulk

14. Hagrid

15. R2-D2

16. Catwoman

17. Ned Stark

(H/T: College Humor

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